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Born in Beirut, Lebanon, Bobsy has been pioneering socially responsible businesses in Hong Kong since 1992. As an ecopreneur, he has sought to build healthy and sustainable communities through ecologically viable food and has founded or co-founded many of the vegetarian eateries that have become the standard bearers of the health movement in Hong Kong—Bookworm Cafe, Life Cafe, and MANA! Fast Slow Food. Since the 90's, Bobsy has been championing the on-going planting of the Lamma Forest and through ABLE Charity, which he co-founded in 1994, efforts to protect and expand the forest continue today. In 2009, his ‘Save the Human! Don’t Eat the Planet!’ campaign won the ‘Best Documentary Award’ at ISHOT HK film awards. No matter the format or the context, Bobsy’s bottom line remains the same: to live a vocation that is socially responsible, ecologically conscious, and of service to humanity and the planet. Currently, Bobsy is working on creating Babylon! The Gathering of the Tribe: An Inspired Cafe, Lounge, & Community in the heart of downtown Central.

Blogging at the Edge of the Shift... Part iX

Commercialising the Sacred
January 13, 2014

Once upon time not so long ago in a beautiful land of hope & optimism we had sacred institutions that were created to serve humanity & the Planet.
Somehow along the way we inadvertently managed to commercialise them.
Our greatest institutions of Education, Health, Medicine & Law have become nothing more than highly profitable enterprises that serve the holy mighty dollar first and foremost, unwittingly operated by the once holy men & women of these institutions that have rendered themselves no more than highly paid glorified pushers for the materialism system dominating our global culture today.

As a result our institutions have lost their integrity in the eyes of the world. Yet today our civic duty and our moral obligations deem that we separate these institutions from the corporations and bring them back to their original purpose which always was to serve the education, the health, the wellbeing & the rights of humanity & our Planet.
Until we do so, we will remain stuck in this never ending spiral of self delusion, deteriorating health care & the over spending of our limited capital resources namely our collective wealth of Earth, Air & Water.

And indeed we are! The rapidly emerging Consciousness Zeitgeist operates in a much broader & deeper paradigm that sees our Institutions as sacred and inspiring servants of the greater good and the conscious evolution & growth of a humanity living in unison on an abundant Planet.

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