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Dr Andy Cornish was raised in Hong Kong, and gained a strong interest in wildlife through spending time in Pokfulam Country Park. He studied Zoology at Nottingham University in England, travelled extensively through Central America where he learnt to scuba dive, and later did his PhD on reef fishes at the University of Hong Kong. Since then, he worked for a year doing coral reef management for the government of American Samoa, and taught in the Dept. of Ecology and Biodiversity at the University of Hong Kong. He worked at WWF from 2005 to late 2012 as Conservation Director, and was responsible for four programmes: Climate, Footprint, Local Biodiversity and Regional Wetlands (including management of the Mai Po Nature Reserve). He remains involved in environmental issues on an independent basis.

Budget a bust on the environment

2013-14 Budget out
March 1, 2013

A detailed anlysis of this week's budget for new environmental initiatives reveals .... sod all. While traditionally a disappointment, might we have dared to hope for more under this administration?
Instead I can find at least two anti-environmental initiatives. Firstly and somewhat bizarrely, a major desalination plant at Tseung Kwan O. Given that these are typically energy intensive and that ocean water intakes are pretty much banned in the US due to the mortality of marine life that occurs when they get sucked in - why on earth isn't there more focus on reducing wasteage first and foremost.
And the HK$ 1,800 a month electricity subsidy is back for all, encouraging waste in those who don't need it. WWF analysis a few years ago showed that household electricity demand went up 9% after the subsidy was introduced a few years ago. Still not talking to the Environment Bureau then Mr Tsang?
If this was a student's assignment, I'd be calling the parents in for a wee chat



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