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People love this thing! :D
May 14, 2013

As some of you will have heard, recently we decided to bring the Dopper to Hong Kong (and, hopefully, eventually Asia). Lisa met the founder, Merijn Everaarts, at a Clean World Conference in Estonia earlier this year, and we all fell in love with his business ethic, his foundation, and the Dopper itself… and things started rocking along pretty quickly, and next thing you know, Merijn is here in Hong Kong, and we're building the Dopper Asia Embassy. The official Asian launch of Dopper launch happened Monday, and was a raging success by all accounts! Yeah, mind a little blown, considering it wasn't even an idea in our brains 5 months ago.
At this juncture, I'm just going to say, I'm assuming anyone reading this knows what the Dopper is already because if you read my blog surely you're among the city's eco hip and happening folk (!), but if you don't, no problem, I'm sure you're burning with curiosity - *go here*.
Anyway, we've been out and about with our Doppers, bringing them to meetings, using them at the gym…. And people LOVE it! I am so psyched, the reactions are fantastic!
It's pretty exciting stuff for us, coming from the nonprofit / community service side of things with the Hong Kong Cleanup (our other project - I know, I can barely keep up with it all myself). This is an actual tangible *product*, and we're selling it, and people want to buy it, and it all makes complete sense! It aligns so perfectly with our messages: reduce/reuse/recycle, minimizing plastic waste, drinking tap water, giving back to society (Dopper contributes 10% of its proceeds to clean drinking water projects in Nepal), and redefining luxury - aka doing it all with STYLE - that it's the most natural next step in the world for us. Little did we know it would be such a massive hit!
Also cool is that everyone we meet seems to have a new angle on why the Dopper is awesome. Since talking to some moms, I've started sharing with other people about how the Dopper is the perfect size for schoolbags, how kids love the bright jello colors, and how the built-in cup is great for sharing and is easy for little hands to hold! Then there was a guy last weekend who bought one because the cup was perfect to share water with his dog… maybe not our newest marketing angle, but certainly a solid plus for him. Every time I show the Dopper to someone, they tell me some awesome thing I hadn't thought of about it!
I can't wait to see Doppers in retail stores. It's awesome to be part of the commercial business world in a way that supports my commitments to environmental responsibility and social contribution. I am so lucky. <beam>



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