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Driving Climate Friendly action in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Marathon cups and other wasteful things..............
February 18, 2014

Sunday February 12 was the Hong Kong Marathon annual run. It is also an event that I wrote about last year and I will continue to write about till we see a change. We talk about polution and waste management in Hong Kong yet this event is a stern reminder that we do not mean what we say and we will at this rate not mean what we say...... Blue chip sponsors with impressive CSR policies in Hong Kong continue to talk about compliance in waste reduction yet we still need to see any proof of this in HK. Let's see - a record 73,000 runners this year..... a wild guess is that the plastic cups of water offered at watering points over the different races/runs on the same day easily adds up to 300,000 cups. That is 300,000 cups from one event that has to fit in the landfill. Sevens rugby is approaching and all the Blue Chip beer sponsors will be doing exactly the same. Thank you Ecozine for the wonderfull CLEAN-UP projects you are conducting annually. If the Blue Chips collaborate we may not have these CLEAN -UPS as we will not have all the plastic in our city and on our beaches.
In Hong Kong it really works to put up a sign that says "Do not spit - Maximum penalty HKD 5,000" and HK people comply.Since SARS - there is no spitting. Spitting is not associated with cancer - PLASTIC is - yet we all comply to not spitting. Maybe we need a sign posted that reads "Do not use plastic - maximum penalty HKD 5,000' and maybe the reduction in waste will be effective and the Blue Chip sponsors will practice their wonfederful CSR practices that normaly is only practiced INSIDE corporations and not OUTSIDE - as with the marathon and Sevens Rugby.
Prior to and during CNY media covered a lot of the expected increase in tourism in HK to mind-blowing figures and projections of why we need more apartments and why we need more shopping malls as we need to cater for some 70 million tourists very soon. I am willing to stick my neck out and say, ok, these figures may be real. If these are real, imagine the amount of waste the city will have if we do not change how much plastci we are consuming. Imaging if the entries from the mascular neighbouring China decide to enter the Hong Kong Marathon to show muscle and we have 150,000 runners. Imaging if the amount of plastic cups increase to 300,000 only for this event?
We tend to do things because we have always done it like that. Nothing wrong with that. Sometines we need to consider the increase in volume while we are doing so. what is good and practiced in 1940 does not necessarily work in 2040. 
I hear COST? Well in Sai Ying Pun a small restaurant charged a friend HKD 5 for a polystyrene/styrofoam container to take her lunch on the run. That is a very high premium and toxic and definitely associated with cancer. She took her lunch away after paying HKD 5 for this horrible white box. That is not the cost of the styrofoam/polystyrene and definitely not the cost of an eco/sustainable and biodegradable equivalent container. it is not expensive to care about your own health and the impact on HK at the same time. 
Yesterday I walked in Staunton Street and saw the Mandarin trees that are DISCARDED after CNY. The trees are full of fruit yet the trees are discarded...... We have many in HK living below the breadline who would love to have a basket of fruit..... we surely also can collect these trees and re-use / rework /replant these. The waste to landfill is astronolical and is repeated every Christmas and every Autumn Festival and every CNY and every.........................
We need to realise that what we do impact on who we are. Healthy Hong Kongers are weakened physically by the air quality and the produce we eat that containes 1 million grammes of sodium and feeds hypertension and stress from shrinking apartments and increased density... surely that is enough reason to ask for change? we have to consume less as we are increasing in numbers and the landfill will come back to haunt us. All the toxic soups that leach into the water table will be with us and will be there long after we depart... 



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