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The time has come. Someone pinch me!
May 23, 2014

Well, here we are... Ecozine has arrived, and in style. This coming Tuesday, May 27, 2014, Eozine will officially launch to the public!
I keep thinking it's a dream and I'll wake up soon! But, honestly, it seems like not only the past few months but indeed my entire existence has been leading up to this. Although I didn't know it, the pieces have been falling into place for a long time. It feels utterly surreal - and yet completely natural, and perfectly timed.
To get you up to speed: despite having only soft-launched in October, 2012, Ecozine is already an established household name in Hong Kong. We are now a proud environmental media platform that includes:
• The Ecozine.com website;
• A ‘Weekly Wisdom’ e-newsletter with over 18,000 opt-in subscribers;
• A world-class events platform;
• Social media engagement;
• And – now – a printed magazine reaching an audience of over 50,000 readers!
I’m going to be honest here for a minute – our first print magazine IS AMAZING. At 100 beautifully-printed pages (on FSC-certified and 100% recycled paper, and using premium soy inks), Ecozine’s maiden print issue is packed with fresh, useful and entertaining original content, including an exclusive cover interview with a hot A-list Hollywood actor (I can’t tell you who until after the launch next week – but I bet some of you can guess)!
Creating this first issue has been an amazing journey, and also a challenge. There have been late nights aplenty, hard-learned lessons and even a few panic attacks, but through it all I have been touched and inspired by the unwavering commitment and passion of our little team, and the overwhelming support we have received from every direction.
There’s so much to share, it seems we’re just scratching the surface! Luckily, this is only the beginning... stay tuned.



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