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Mia, Founder of, Graciously Green, draws on her health education from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition's (IIN) cutting-edge Health Coach training Programme, as well as her in-depth chef studies in raw and plant-based foods, to provide plant-based cooking, health coaching and education, both in person and online. She also studied toxins in-depth and now leads raw food cleanses and liver detoxes. Graciously Green is sponsored by Hong Kong’s organic vegetable delivery service, Eat FRESH (www.eatfresh.com.hk)

Foxy Food Friday - Raw Vegan Bounty Truffles

Putting the heat back into raw-food!
March 21, 2013

Welcome to the first ever Foxy Food Friday, and boy do we have a gorgeous foxy raw recipe for you today! Tired of people thinking that all us vegan and raw-foodies do is eat greens and “boring food”, I’m here to put the HEAT back into raw-food!
Raw vegan chocolates can be just as luxurious and sexy as their sugary milk-chocolate enemies, plus they're much healthier, and here’s a recipe to prove it!
These truffles are decadent, rich, health-supportive, full of live energy and could even boost your libido…wink, wink ;-) 
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Ingredients (makes about 20 truffles):
1. 2 cups of mixed raw and organic nuts – I used pecans and brazils
2. 6 small medjool dates
3. 1 cup of raw and organic cacao powder – full of antioxidants and natural energy
4. 2 tsp. maca – a superfood known to boost libido, as well as support your nervous system generally
5. 10 drops of liquid stevia (plant-based sweetener, but be sure to buy the dark-green colour as the white colour is highly processed. Planetary Herbals is a good option).
6. 3 tablespoons of raw and organic coconut oil – a source of good fats, it actually has anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties!
7. Pinch Himalayan pink salt – mineral dense
8. Pinch of cayenne pepper - turn-up the heat folks! 
9. Pinch of cinnamon – to lift the chocolate flavour
10. Squeeze of slice of lime
11. ¼ cup coconut water (in bottom of blender to save your blades)
12. 2 cups of dessicated coconut (plus a bit extra to roll the truffles)
13. 1 cup of raw and organic cacao nibs
 - Blend ingredients 1 – 11 in a food processor, in a blender on a low speed or on a “food processing” setting in a programmed blender
 - In a bowl, fold the mixture in with ingredients 12-13
 - On a large plate, place a “sheet” of dessicated coconut
 - Make small balls  / truffles with the chocolaty mixture in your hands, and roll in the sheet of coconut to cover the truffle balls
 - Place in the freezer for approx. 1 hour (you may store in freezer for up to 2 weeks and take out as needed)
 - Allow to “defrost” for a few minutes before eating
 - You may store in the fridge for a few days once defrosted
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