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Good gut bacteria: what’s all the fuss and how to get more of it!

with a delicious recipe to boost your good gut bacteria.
April 7, 2013

We can’t turn the pages in a health magazine or a recipe blog these days without the mention of “good bacteria” creeping in (says me in this post). Is it really that big a deal for our digestion and health?
I’ve been learning all about fermented foods, kefirs and good bacteria where I am here in Bali on my Raw Food Chef and Health Educator certification course with the Pure Joy Academy (hence why my post this week is a bit late). Who knew bacteria could be so interesting, and here’s why.
Did you know that up to 70% of our immunity is in our gut, so it makes total sense to make sure that we look after our digestive system as much as possible.
If you think of our bodies as human ecosystems, full of cells as well as things like bacteria, it makes sense that in order to thrive we need to maintain a healthy balance to keep everything happy. No brain-surgery science so far.
Our gut contains what is known as good flora or “good bacteria”. We need some good bacteria to help us to assimilate nutrients from food and maintain our general health. Unfortunately, we all live busy lives and often this balance is compromised by things like poor eating, toxins, stress, lack of sleep and even drugs like antibiotics (which, by the way, actually kill off a lot of our good bacteria). So now we’re beginning to see how things like fermented foods containing good bacteria might help towards supporting our goal of maintaining a happy “ecosystem” and, therefore, good health.
But not all “good bacteria” sources are created equally and so, for me, I like to know that the sources of my good bacteria are reliable. Dairy is not always reliable, for example, especially if it is not organic. Some easy ways to add in some good bacteria to your daily diet are:
 - Raw sauerkraut

 - A good probiotic supplement

 - Homemade kefir drinks

 -or try this raw vegan coconut kefir yoghurt recipe (as in the picture) using the Body Ecology kefir starter. This makes a fabulous breakfast dish! By eating or drinking kefir we not only support our digestive system but we also clean and tone our colon, reduce sugar and food cravings as well as moisturize our skin form the inside out.
If you want to know more about how I (Mia, Board Certified Health Coach and Raw Food Chef) can support you on your journey to health and happiness, contact me at mia@graciouslygreen.com.♡
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