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A getaway to soothe pre-race jitters
November 15, 2012

As some of you know, Team Ecozine is preparing to race in the Phuket International Triathlon in just over a week (gulp).
As I sit here procrastinating against going to the gym tonight to train, I choose instead to focus my jittery mind on the much more soothing prospect of my pre-race destination. Allow me to introduce to you… The Naka Island.

I booked this resort for myself and my S.O. (Significant Other) for two nights next week, to take advantage of the flight and time away from Hong Kong. After all, triathlons are great and everything, but… "I want to go to Phuket and sweat and labour in a massive race but not enjoy everything that Thailand has to offer while I am there" said no one. Ever.

A five-minute boat ride from Phuket and only one year old, the resort is set on its own island and has been designed to blend in with the existing surroundings. They have taken on a number of environmental and social initiatives which I'll be learning about while there… and of course you'd better believe I'll be taking advantage of their well-reputed spa and signature local cuisine.

I haven't been yet so can't say much else except that the photos look stunning and the reviews are glowing, and *I cannot wait* to slip into the turquoise water of the Andaman Sea with my lover by my side and take a deep breath of pure relaxation.



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