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3 videos worth a watch
December 22, 2013

I had the idea to gift our readers with a fantastic eco video this week... but when I searched for "nature video" and "amazing planet," Google returned so many thousands of results that I was nearly paralyzed by all the options.
Our world is truly *so* incredibly vibrant and magical that no single Youtube clip will ever do it justice.
So I offer these three exceptional short videos as my Exhibits A, B and C, and leave it to you to continue to explore both the online and the real world yourself, and hope you (and I) will always stay curious about, and awed by, the world around us. If you're keen to watch more videos, remember there's always the Eco TV section packed with beautiful and interesting content.
Happy holidays.
1. A very cool HD nature video (1:41)
2. BBC's Great Natural Wonders of the World (58:00)
3. 10 Epic Facts About Planet Earth (2:55)



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