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Mia, Founder of, Graciously Green, draws on her health education from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition's (IIN) cutting-edge Health Coach training Programme, as well as her in-depth chef studies in raw and plant-based foods, to provide plant-based cooking, health coaching and education, both in person and online. She also studied toxins in-depth and now leads raw food cleanses and liver detoxes. Graciously Green is sponsored by Hong Kong’s organic vegetable delivery service, Eat FRESH (www.eatfresh.com.hk)

Organic Carrot & Mulberry (Gluten-Free, Vegan) Muffins

Why this Raw Chef broke the rules and decided to bake!
August 5, 2013

One of my yoga masters once told me, “Mia, you can’t just break the rules in the beginning; first you must learn them and then you can break them”.
I was studying to become a yoga teacher at the time, and what he was referring to was my obsession with putting a backbend into just about every posture - which is usually an advanced version of some postures – when, actually, I first needed to master the original posture in order to backbend safely. I really hate rules, and at the time, I didn’t get what he meant by this. Later, when I ended up with pain in my lower back, it clicked, literally. You see, it’s highly likely that if your foundation posture is still shaky and you start pulling yourself into an advanced version of a posture, you could injure yourself. What’s worse, if you teach this way, you will injure one of your students.
So why am I applying this to my recipe blog, you’re wondering by now. Well, the same principle applies to food and diet. First we must learn and live by the rules, and only when we have solid understanding and foundation, can we break them a little.
I’m a raw and plant-based food chef and certified health coach. I have spent years studying healthy eating and a clean way of living. I choose this way of life because I believe that many of the world’s health issues boil down to the food we eat, or rather, the crappy food some people unknowingly eat. I believe that by upgrading with raw (living and fresh) and plant-based foods, we can also easily upgrade our health. My mission is to get this message across with my healthy recipes and food.
I believe raw and untreated REAL food is the best form of nutrition we can possibly find on the planet.
I have been eating a high raw food diet for a number of years now. I don’t have diet rules, per se, more like guidelines. During summer, my diet is super-high raw and includes lots of cooling green juices and salads. In winter, I add more cooked veggies and soups.  I don’t eat gluten, if I can help it, and I avoid processed “food” like the plague. But I do eat some cooked foods to maintain a bit of balance. For the first few years of eating this way, I also avoided things like baked goods because I believed them to be unhealthy and I wanted to eat in a mega clean way.
When my clients come to me because they want to upgrade their diet, they usually ask me things like “can I still drink wine?”,  “is it ok to eat bread?”,  “can I eat those health food bars or gluten free cakes?” At first, my answer is “it’s up to you, this is your health. You can choose to eat these foods but they will slow down your improvements”. I’m applying my yoga master’s rule; first you must learn the rules about how to eat and be healthy, and then you can break them a little. You see, the danger is that if you give people and inch, they will take a mile. If I say, sure, knock yourself out, they literally will take advantage and eat only raw chocolate for a week, because it’s “healthy”. No, first we must connect to what healthy eating is all about, and then we can add the low GI organic coconut-sugar icing on the cake. 
Now that I have spent these last few years assessing what foods feel good to me, what foods nourish me the most and how I can play with recipes to upgrade unhealthy ingredients, now I can take advantage of the “breaking the rule” principle.
Last week, I broke my unspoken “rule” and not only cooked but I baked! I’m at a place where my health is fairly optimal, my diet is clean and my body is strong.  I don’t need to cleanse and my health can take a bit of homemade muffin without much of a flinch. 
Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t turned into a full-fat-cream-loving Nigella Lawson overnight! Just as I don’t want to break my back as I break the “rules” and go into the advanced back bend in yoga, I also don’t want to suffer because I break my own food “rules”. I choose to break the rules in a safe and healthy way. When I decided to bake muffins, I chose the best ingredients, which would make the recipe a healthy upgrade to a shop-bought processed, sugary and nutrient-void version.
I hope you enjoy the recipe below – I worked out how to break the rules for you so you don’t have to.  If you break your own clean-eating rules this week, you can chose to do so with this healthy muffin and you can be assured, they will not hurt your back.
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Baking Time: 15 minutes
Makes 8 - 10 muffins
• Chia gel –  (take 2 TBS chia seeds and soak in ½ cup water for 10 minutes – this is to replace egg as a thickener and it gives the recipe a “springiness”)
• Date & apple paste – (blend 8 medjool dates and 1 pink apple with 1 TBS of water in a high speed blender to make a paste)
• ½ cup coconut sugar – we like to use Carazuc by Stephen James Organics
• 2 cups of grated organic carrots (we like ours from Eat FRESH organic e-greengrocery. You can choose to pulse in a food processor until you get small pieces)
• 2 TBS dried mulberries
• 1 cup of gluten free flour – I used quinoa flour
• 1 ½ cup of gluten-free steel cut oats
• ¼ cup flaxseed meal  (flaxseeds powdered)
• ½ tsp. high mineral salt
• 1 tsp. cinnamon
• ¼ tsp. nutmeg
• ¼ tsp. cloves
• 1 ½  tsp. baking powder
• Pre-heat oven to 190c
• First make your chia gel and date paste
• Add all ingredients in a large mixing bowl, make sure to sift the flour to avoid lumps, mix well
• Scoop-up the mixture in your hands to form small muffin /round shapes and place on a baking tray on baking-paper
• Bake for 16 minutes
Enjoy as is or with a blob of nut-butter or jam. Great with a cup of tea on a rainy day!
My upcoming online healthy cooking and living course will be out in September and contains heaps of tips like these, as well as recipes, healthy tools, advice and much more. To find out more, see my website www.graciouslygreen.com.
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