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Ciara loves following the 'rubik cube' nature of sustainability (social, economic and environmental) as it twists and turns the world. Ciara is the Founding Director of Eden Ventures that specialises in sustainability/ climate change issues and has been working under Planet Eden a registered society to bring to Hong Kong an environmental edu-inspiring park. Prior to setting up Eden Ventures, Ciara initiated and ran the Climate Change Business Forum (CCBF) for the Business Environment Council (BEC). Ciara has been a sustainability professional since 2000 and is Hong Kong born.

Poem to Earth

Consider Us Fools
November 2, 2012

Poem to Earth written by Isadora Rawlinson (10 yrs old & written during Frankenstorm in Philadelphia, USA)    
Climate change is here
It should fill you with fear
Catastrophe is about
Don't ignore the screams and shouts
The planet is confused 
And every one snoozed 

The ticking earth
Cynicism and mirth
Diverse and unsolvable
The speed is uncontrollable
It’ s like a sickness
It's now a big mess

Like a restless runaway
That pushes us at bay
The earth is changing
Priorities rearranging
Time for us to wake up
Time for a big shake up
Recycle your tins
Reduce the stuff in your bins
Reduce your carbon footprint
Walk more drive less( hint hint)
More windmills Less fossil fuels
If we don't change now consider us fools
by Isadora Rawlinson
Was Frankenstorm linked to Climate Change?: What the Scientists & Others say..
"(Sandy) derived its energy from the warmth of the ocean; and we've warmed the ocean via greenhouse gases so the world's storms are being energised by climate change," According to Professor Matthew England - chair of the Science Advisory Panel to the Australian Climate Commission, as well as being the joint director of the Climate Change Research Centre at the University of New South Wales.
"With absolute certainty extreme heat events will increase in intensity and storms will get their energy from the warming oceans. It doesn’t mean every storm we get will be stronger ... but we’ll see more of these devastating storms", he said.
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Michael Bloomberg said they were in no doubt that climate change played a role in Franknstorm. Mr Cuomo has said US was "now having a 100-year flood every two years". "There has been a series of extreme weather incidents. That is not a political statement. That is a factual statement," he said. "Anyone who says there's not a dramatic change in weather patterns, I think is denying reality."
Scientific bodies From NASA to the Interngovernmental Panel on Climate Change have already predicted  increases in extreme weather events. But the direct effect of climate change is complex, and it's hard to tease out what is natural weather variability and what is caused by climate change – particularly in the case of Sandy.



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