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Stop. Protein. Adrenals. Slow Down!

learn how to deal with stress and being "superwoman"
June 5, 2013

So the last few weeks have been hectic. No, that would be an understatement, crazy hectic. After running a private Raw Food Cleanse, several private client cooking lessons, several live raw food workshops, catering for an event, trying to get my new website organized, re-launching Eat FRESH, not to mention attempting to get on top of my wedding planning, did I mention… Breathe.
When I did stop. And listen to my body, it literally screamed at me, “stop, protein, adrenals, please slow down”.
I’d neglected my own health while trying to help others with their health. What good am I to anyone if I’m not 100% myself.
I’m not complaining – this life is a far cry from my old one where I was working in busy international law firms (talk about burn-out) – it’s just that I realized, or rather I was forced to accept, that I am not superwoman. I know, shocking.
So, yes, I put my hand-up, I’m not perfect. I’m work in progress (aren’t we all?) – after 10 years of pushing myself to the top of corporate world, my adrenals are shot and my digestion can become seriously unhappy under a never-ending to-do list – but what I have learnt is to sometimes just stop and LISTEN to my body.
Today was not the day I “planned” to write this blog post, but I wanted to share with you some ways I’m dealing with my seemingly ongoing love-affair with trying to be superwoman and taking on 100 things at one time, because I am almost certain that there are many more people, mostly women, doing the exact same thing right now. I’ve been reading an interesting book that refers to this as “The Rushing Women’s Syndrome (TRWS)”. Yep, that’s me.
If you wish to know more about my how I use (real) food and health coaching to support my clients, and myself, contact me here.
So here are some ideas, which might help you other superwomen/men “sufferers” out there, and I will try to take my own advice this week :0):
1. Maca Magic for Adrenals – the adrenal glands, part of the endocrine (hormone regulation) system, work extremely hard when under stress – they just keep pumping-out steroid hormones such as cortisol, estrogen and testosterone that are essential for health and managing stress. There is a group of super-foods called “adaptogens”. These are foods which adapt to your body’s needs. So, for example, if you feel stressed, they will soothe and support your hormone system. One of my go-to adaptogens is maca. Maca helps regulate and support endocrine health and, therefore, supports the adrenal glands by increasing energy, vitality and libido (bonus!). Throw a teaspoon in a smoothie every morning, and you’re good to take-over the world!
2. R&R with essential oils – is there anything more soothing than getting a massage and taking a bath.  Just the fact you’ve taken-time out makes a huge-difference. I go one-step further and use my favorite organic essential oils by Native Essentials in my massage and bath. When we inhale essential oils, their molecules enter the nose and instantly combine with nerve endings, transmitting messages to the emotional part of our brain, altering the heart rate, blood pressure, breathing and they can even control stress. Try their “Relax Time” for some serious R&R therapy. Breathe and Ahhhhh. Bliss. Oh, and you can get a massage at Hong Kong’s organic spa, Sparadise, where they use these oils – double bonus!
3. Listen to what you crave – so when I eventually stopped this week, my body shouted “protein Mia!” Oooops, I had been running around so much I had neglected to balance my diet. No wonder I was feeling so “airy”! So I checked in my cupboard to find the best form of protein, I believe, in the form of pure and easily absorbable amino acids. Hemp seed is great for this, as is something like tahini. I made-up a smoothie with berries, tahini, hemp seeds, maca and some coconut water. This literally southed my mind, body and soul. If you crave sugar, check out my blog here for advice. Alkalizing foods, such as dark greens, are also a good go-to for stress-reduction – they help to reduce the acidity caused by stress.
4. Break it down – when it all gets too much, the best piece of advice I have ever been given is to just break it down. The big picture is sometimes daunting, but if you break it down into bite-sized pieces, day-by-day, one day you will get there. Life is always work-in-progress; it’s ok to never have it all “ticked-off”.
5. Find what grounds you – a dear friend of mine told me that when she puts her toes in the ocean, she feels grounded. For me, when I’m in nature (I’m a Yorkshire country girl), I’m instantly grounded. If that is not always possible, flowers are my next best thing. My grandma always had lilies in her front porch, so I keep them in my home to remind me of her strength, presence and where I came from – this grounds me and helps me to refocus my energy. You must find your sea or your lily equivalent.
Of course, exercise (not in excess), yoga, friends, family and just breathing are all also going to assist, but I wanted to focus on just 5 things for today’s post.
I invite you to try just one or two of these ideas next time you’re all over the shop and frazzled. Let me know how you get on. I love to hear from you.
If you want to know more about how I (Mia – Health Coach, Raw Food Chef, Detox and Health Educator) can support you on your journey to health contact me now for a consultation here or at mia@graciouslygreen.com.♡
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