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This trend has reached a tipping point in HK for sure
March 4, 2013

Last weekend I took two massive bags of things I love but cannot fit into and went down to the pop-up swap organized by JupYeah at The Space, a hip spot in Central that usually hosts swanky fashion and art shows. It was insane - I queued for 10 minutes just to get in the door, and then waited patiently while someone picked through the belongings I'd brought to contribute, and then I was let loose (with about a bazillion other enthusiastic 'shoppers') on the loot, as it were. Despite being super well-organized, funky and stylish (with even a DJ, free food and artsy installations), and a real tribute to JupYeah's awesome give/take ethos, the sheer popularity of the event gave it a smash'n'grab atmosphere that had me hightailing it out the door pretty quick. I did manage to offload a heap of cool stuff that i've been meaning to give away, and I acquired a set of funky bookmarks and a couple of sundresses, so that was excellent.
After that, I thought, ok, the one swap of the season is done, that's all good. But, I was mistaken. It turns out spring swapping fever is in the air! I learned that the district (yes, the government!!) organized TWO local swaps in Sheung Wan - Central that same weekend, and then yesterday, there was yet another hip swap event, this time organized by Forever and Again. I would have checked it out, maybe, but I was too busy... attending yet *another* swap (!), this one held by a friend in her ginormous Sheung Wan apartment.
What an awesome way to spend an afternoon. A handful of stylish women, a few nibbles, some champagne.... and a treasure trove of bags, clothes, DVDs, books, shoes, homewares, accessories, games, music, and odds and ends that are free for the taking because someone else doesn't want/fit/ned/use them! I love it. We had a riotously good time and I walked away with three new books, a fab pair of shades, two brand-new pieces of workout gear, some scrubs and hand creams, and some lentils (I never thought to bring food, but there it is, lol!). Major haul!
Did I mention that three years ago nobody I knew in HK had ever heard of swapping?
I really feel like all this swapping is a sign of shift in values. A very good sign indeed.



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