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Dr Merrin Pearse is passionate about the Natural Environment (yes animals, bugs and trees) and helping people to realize that economic and environmental sustainability are one. Raised on a dairy farm in New Zealand and with a background in Land Surveying (specializing in precise positioning through the use of GPS equipment) his work has connected him with all continents and taken him to amazing places where he has seen some of the best and worst examples of human "development". He has a wide range of international experience working for Government Departments, SMEs, international companies and NGO’s in quality assurance, auditing, sustainability, benchmarking and community engagement roles which have provided him with a unique perspective on team dynamics. Currently based in Hong Kong with his wife Louise, Merrin is a Communication and Marketing Consultant to Friends of the Earth (HK) 4 days per week. In addition to freelance work, he co-organizes Hong Kong Green Drinks and is an active member of a number of environmental organizations.

The Wonders of Seasons

Change keeps happening
October 17, 2012

That change in the air at the moment, I find a wonderful thing.  No, I’m not talking about the quality of the air as over the last week … it has been awful (See the graph above from the Hedley Environmental Index  I am referring to the change in the temperature and humidity level.  Yes the seasons, and here in Hong Kong we are now experiencing the transition from those hot summer days and nights to the cooler winter days. 
There are seasons playing a part in our lives in many different ways.  Take for example the financial season.  In Europe you might say they are in a winter season as many countries are relying on their reserves that were harvested back in earlier years.  Whereas in China you might say they are in a late summer with their crops still producing new resources though at a reduced rate.
Politically the season in the United States is at the end of winter when you consider the current term of President Obama.   Only time will tell whether Obama is about to begin a new spring season.  Here in Hong Kong you could say that we are also still in a winter season even though Mr Leung Chun-ying‬ has been in his new role of Chief Executive for over 100 days.  I do see some interesting signs of a political spring season here in Hong Kong, especially within the environmental sector with the appointment of Mr Wong Kam-sing as the Secretary for the Environment and Ms Christine Loh Kung-wai as the Under Secretary for the Environment.  Let’s hope these new seeds can grow and produce the harvest that we all so desperately need around air quality improvement, waste reduction and the recovery of our depleted oceans and country parks.



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