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What's a dopper? PLUS green pop-up shopping

You will love this.
May 5, 2013

Hong Kong is getting cooler by the minute (even though it's getting hotter by the day). Currently I am in LOVE with a sublime pop-up shop on right now - one week only - in Sai Ying Pun, next to Grassroots Pantry restaurant (another favourite). 'A Green Home Shop' is jam packed with eco and socially friendly treats and wares for the home, from niin jewellery to Ai-Funan soaps to grub by Homegrown Foods, and plenty more - there are even painting lessons for the wee ones while mumma and daddy shop! The whole concept store is curated by A Boy Named Sue, Hong Kong's own online purveyors of sustainable hip.
We were there today for the shop's opening, because aside from wanting to support it through Ecozine, we also were introducing a brand new, exciting product of our very own - the Dopper. That's right, ladies and gents - after many years of harping on about the importance of reducing disposable plastic waste, we are offering a tangible, beautiful way to do it. And yes, what you are about to read is a shameless plug, but I'm calling editor's rights. Plus, this amazing product deserves the shout-out :)
The Dutch-designed Dopper is a reusable water bottle that promotes tap water as a sustainable drink (hello, it's healthy and free!) and a portion of its sales goes to drinking water projects in Asia and Africa. The bottle 'is the message'. It aligns with everything we stand for - reducing waste, social sustainability, and of course looking uber-cool.
Its award-winning design (in 5 sweet shades of sturdy, lightweight BPA-free plastic) features a footed double lid, which means that it is not only easy to wash, it also offers a water goblet to drink from. Check it out in all its glory here - Ecozine was the first in Asia to cover it (natch).
Watch for Doppers in stores near you soon - and please do 'Like' us on Facebook for updates and fun stuff from the Dopper team! I'm sure that, as a big part of my own life now, Dopper will inevitably pop up in this blog from time to time as well, as we embark on this journey of launching our first eco-product.
Anyway, rock up to A Green Home Shop this week and see the coolness for yourself - doors close forever at 7:30pm Saturday. Pair your shopping visit with a little bite at Grassroots Pantry next door, and you have what I call a perfect afternoon.
A Green Home Shop
Location: Fuk Sau Lane (off Third Street in Sai Ying Pun)
Dates: Sunday, May 5th through Saturday, May 11th, 2013
Times: 12pm to 7:30pm daily
Website: http://agreenhomeshop.com/



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