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The world needs you to take on UPS
June 30, 2015

In a previous post, I described why and how I was moved to launch Shark Rescue. Since I’m a conservationist compelled to make a difference, a bit of research helped me realize where I could put my energy. Marine conservation and saving sharks from extinction was a must
I didn’t get caught up with getting everything right and perfect from the start. I believe when time is of the essence it’s better to get out early and correct as you go than to waste time getting everything right. In the years since, we've had many opportunities to step forward and make some noise. Today, we have a new opportunity to make a difference.
Ours is the age of extinctions. Many know how...

Using Service Leadership to Save Pangolins
May 7, 2015

►  Being full-on is captured by that momentum we decide to move into action.
►  As a case study, we explore why someone would get full-on about saving pangolins.
►  To get full-on, will you seek new opportunities to move from intention to expression?
At what point do we decide to get full-on?  For those who really know me, they know I’m a big fan of Marcel Duchamp’s work and ideas on inspiration and creativity. Duchamp was the French-American artist who rejected ‘retinal’ painting – the kind that worried only about what paintings looked like – in favor of what many now call ‘Conceptual Art’. He was the guy who took a urinal, signed it with the pseudonym R Mutt, called it ‘Fountain’, and caused an uproar. Decades later, a panel of respected art historians called Fountain one of the most important art works of the 20th Century. Many have accused him of being a fraud for...

Using Service Leadership to Rate Toxic Behavior
April 27, 2015

►  We can use Service Leadership to rate good or toxic behavior.
►  In order to do the greatest good, we must be strong or not weak in our Competence, Character and Care.
►  Exercising Service Leadership can happen independently or with a group already doing what you care about – when will you get full-on?

Let’s try to explain what’s wrong with this picture.  I am laying the foundation for how Service Leadership can help us better understand how people interact. I introduced the 3-Cs of Service Leadership, which are our Competence, Character and Care, saying that great service leaders make sure they’re not weak or corrupt in these elements. In this post, I will show how we can use this model to rate activities currently leading to the destruction of Hong Kong’s limited wild spaces.

The More We Care the Greater Our Impact
May 20, 2015

►  There’s a range or a sphere of influence that contains how much a person cares and it can be enlarged.
►  The greater the spheres of care, the greater our impact.
►  Pick something you care about – enlarge your spheres of care – and discover greater ways to make a difference.
Can we be full-on if we don’t care?  From the Service Leadership model, our success as service leaders depends on the quality of our Competence, Character and Care. Competence includes the skills and expertise we’ve built over time. Character is how trustworthy we are and how true we stay to our moral compass. Care is the subject of today’s post.
To start, imagine there’s a range or a sphere of influence that covers what a person cares about. The first range or sphere covers the self. This can come from continuous learning or...

One path to full-on conservation
April 17, 2015

►  Service Leadership model can be used to improve results.
►  Being full-on is the moment when we decide to commit.
►  What are you waiting for – what’s going to get you full-on?
Service leadership is for helping you better connect to the people in your life. How you do it and what the effects will be are up to you. In this post, we will begin to see how Service Leadership can be applied to better understand conservation effectiveness.
To recap, in the previous posts I introduced the idea that a network of people is held together by the Chi of Service, the energy we feel toward one another. Like the Asian notion of a person’s ‘energy’, the Chi of Service has a health that can be improved or damaged. This followed the principle that Service Leadership offers an important way of thinking about how we relate to one-another. This is especially true...

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