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One path to full-on conservation
April 17, 2015

►  Service Leadership model can be used to improve results.
►  Being full-on is the moment when we decide to commit.
►  What are you waiting for – what’s going to get you full-on?
Service leadership is for helping you better connect to the people in your life. How you do it and what the effects will be are up to you. In this post, we will begin to see how Service Leadership can be applied to better understand conservation effectiveness.
To recap, in the previous posts I introduced the idea that a network of people is held together by the Chi of Service, the energy we feel toward one another. Like the Asian notion of a person’s ‘energy’, the Chi of Service has a health that can be improved or damaged. This followed the principle that Service Leadership offers an important way of thinking about how we relate to one-another. This is especially true...

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