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Lizette studied at Stellenbosch University in South Africa where she completed a Bachelor of Science Degree. In 1991 Lizette obtained her ATI (Associate to the Textile Institute) In Manchester UK, and in 2003 Lizette graduated at Henley Business School in the UK where she completed her general MBA. Over the past 29 years Lizette has worked for and made valuable contributions to Woolworths, Nike and Next Sourcing Limited which allowed Lizette to develop extensive networks and exclusive lifestyle products including garments that are of the highest quality. Innovasians are involved in the raw materials and own the supply chain of their products. Through 'Added Value ' the product range is unique. Lizette is CEO of this unique company and has managed to obtain a blue chip customer base.
Towels with 2-3 times longer life than regular towels
October 9, 2014

It is for the last 4 years now that Innovasians has been marketing it's unique low carbon towels in Asia. Towels geberally have a tendency to 'snag' - yes when the thread is drawn when one of the loops on the surface is pulled or extended. This results in threads dangling from the towel surface that cannot be cut off. If these are in fact cut off - it will leave a hole.....
So towels at the poolside and in the Spa and the room add up to large purchases of towels. Millions of USD. You may not know but typically there are face towels and hand towels and bath sheets and ... and resulting in about 8 or 10 towels per room (exclusing poolside and Spa) depending if one counts the towelling bath mat and the pice of textile ate the toilet and oh, the piece of textile at your bed with your slippers on. THREE sets are bought per room: (a) one set in the room, (b) one set on the way to the laundry and (c) one set on the way from the laundry. So if you have 1200 rooms in the 5...

Why not address the root of the problem
September 6, 2014

Every year we have a large event with several teams volunteering to "clean up" the city, parks and beaches with teams that literally go and pick up garbage. Thank you Ecovision 
Every year the "trashing" continues and we repeat this cycle on the clock.
The same I guess applies to the Sevens Rugby tournament sponsored by Cathay Pacific ( where the internal Cathay Corporate Social Responsible principles are not extended to the Sevens Rugby Stadium and large volumes of fast food packaging and plastic cups are swept into landfill annually.
Or we could possibly compare the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon ( where the mountains of plastic cups left at every water stop is swept into landfill and forgotton. 
Although one has to...

640,000 tons of these nets clog the world's oceans
May 22, 2014

NEW YORK -- Bureo skateboards look like fish because they are made from old fishing nets.
They started out as garbage -- fishing nets discarded in the waters off Chile. About 640,000 tons of these nets clog the world's oceans, and that's only a tenth of the world's debris.
According to a report from the Coastal Conservancy, in just one day, worldwide volunteers picked up more than 12 million pounds of rubbish from beaches and waterways. The top three culprits were cigarette butts, food wrappers and plastic bottles.
"And we were just struck with this issue of plastic in the ocean, and we just kind of made a mission to do something about it," says Bureo co-founder David Stover.
Stover, along with co-founder Ben Kneppers, started in Chile, where fishing is a major industry. They figured out how to convert the fish nets into plastic pellets, which could be used in a mold. And Bureo Skateboards was born.


we can be healthier and have less packaging in landfill
February 20, 2014

Sarah Boseley, health editor
The Guardian, Wednesday 19 February 2014
Scientists, in BMJ paper, warn of potential long-term damage of exposure to synthetics, including formaldehyde in drinks bottles
Synthetic chemicals which are used in the processing, packaging and storing of the food we eat could be doing long-term damage to our health, environmental scientists warn.
The concerns have been raised in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, part of the British Medical Journal group.
The scientists claim that tiny amounts of synthetic chemicals leach into food. While these minute quantities in themselves do no harm, no one knows how safe we are from a lifetime's exposure to the chemicals, such as formaldehyde, through eating food previously wrapped or stored in plastics.
In a commentary piece in the journal the scientists note that some of the chemicals that could cause concern are regulated but this does not prevent...

Hong Kong Marathon cups and other wasteful things..............
February 18, 2014

Sunday February 12 was the Hong Kong Marathon annual run. It is also an event that I wrote about last year and I will continue to write about till we see a change. We talk about polution and waste management in Hong Kong yet this event is a stern reminder that we do not mean what we say and we will at this rate not mean what we say...... Blue chip sponsors with impressive CSR policies in Hong Kong continue to talk about compliance in waste reduction yet we still need to see any proof of this in HK. Let's see - a record 73,000 runners this year..... a wild guess is that the plastic cups of water offered at watering points over the different races/runs on the same day easily adds up to 300,000 cups. That is 300,000 cups from one event that has to fit in the landfill. Sevens rugby is approaching and all the Blue Chip beer sponsors will be doing exactly the same. Thank you Ecozine for the wonderfull CLEAN-UP projects you are conducting annually. If the Blue Chips collaborate we may...

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