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Mia, Founder of, Graciously Green, draws on her health education from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition's (IIN) cutting-edge Health Coach training Programme, as well as her in-depth chef studies in raw and plant-based foods, to provide plant-based cooking, health coaching and education, both in person and online. She also studied toxins in-depth and now leads raw food cleanses and liver detoxes. Graciously Green is sponsored by Hong Kong’s organic vegetable delivery service, Eat FRESH (www.eatfresh.com.hk)
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June 5, 2013

So the last few weeks have been hectic. No, that would be an understatement, crazy hectic. After running a private Raw Food Cleanse, several private client cooking lessons, several live raw food workshops, catering for an event, trying to get my new website organized, re-launching Eat FRESH, not to mention attempting to get on top of my wedding planning, did I mention… Breathe.
When I did stop. And listen to my body, it literally screamed at me, “stop, protein, adrenals, please slow down”.
I’d neglected my own health while trying to help others with their health. What good am I to anyone if I’m not 100% myself.
I’m not complaining – this life is a far cry from my old one where I was working in busy international law firms (talk about burn-out) – it’s just that I realized, or rather I was forced to accept, that I am...

Sugar, at the end of the day, is an addictive and toxic substance
May 30, 2013

This week, me and a few of my clients together embarked on a 5-day green-juice and raw food feast sponsored by Eat FRESH (Hong Kong’s organic produce delivery service). One of the biggest challenges for most people when doing a cleanse, is actually just coming away from sugar  – I mean from apples to the hard-core refined stuff.
Sugar, at the end of the day, is an addictive substance.
Sugar gives us that “hit” for a minute and, whether you wish to acknowledge it or not, most people do crave sugar at some point in time. Your sugar-hit might be some white-rice, maybe some dried fruit, or even a dairy iced- frappe at 3pm…sound familiar?
Eliminating sugar is a major hurdle for many people, and, according to health and Body Ecology expert, Donna Gates, ancient wisdom from Ayurvedic...

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May 24, 2013

Chia (chia-seeds) is one of my personal favourite superfoods. Superfoods are powerhouses of clean nutrients such as protein, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and good fats. In fact, some superfoods contain the most easily absorbable forms of protein (amino acids) as well as being N0.1 in terms of levels of disease-fighting and anti-ageing antioxidants!
The Aztecs would carry chia-seeds in little pouches to nibble on when they needed energy to trek for days on end.  I too tried this on a recent 27k hike; I ate only chia porridge before I set-off (recipe here on my Facebook page, LIKE our page if you like this recipe), and I promise that chia was more than enough to sustain me until the end of the hike.
Chia usually comes in the form of white or black whole-seeds - nutritionally the same...

give aloe a go
May 9, 2013

OK, so when my organic farmers (Eat FRESH) gave me a bunch of raw aloe, I was like what the heck am I supposed to do with this! It looked like a pile of cactus and I had no idea how to even begin to eat it. So I did what any geeky raw food chef would do; I researched. The result: I have added aloe to my top super-food list!
Aloe vera is amazing! It’s a succulent plant and part of the lily family, the same family that garlic and onions belong to – who knew! Different parts of the plant are used for their different effects on the body and aloe has both internal and external applications.
Below is a delicious recipe for an aloe smoothie so that you can receive some of my top 5-benefits from this super-plant:
1. Aloe Vera contains many vitamins including A, C, E, folic acid, B1, B2, B3 (niacin – good for mood) and B6. Aloe Vera...

food that loves your digestion.
May 6, 2013

Did you know that over 70% of our immune system is contained within our guts! Without good gut health and plenty of healthy bacteria, we seriously compromise our health. Eating cultured and fermented foods, such as sauerkraut made with raw cabbage, (organic, of course) will help to support our gut’s good bacteria and, therefore, our immune system. This superfood is also good for fighting cancer!
Modern processing has created sauerkraut that is heat-treated and processed – the stuff you see in the jars at the supermarket – the good bacteria has been destroyed. Preservation of cabbage by pickling -- a lactic acid fermentation process -- was discovered in China around the 13th century! Sauerkraut is the German name for this food, which is now prepared in various regional styles throughout the world.
Below is a delicious recipe designed by me. I have a taste for curry and just love goji-berries, so combined the...

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