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As co-founder and creative director of Liquid Interiors Limited, Rowena specializes in the studio’s design direction and green initiatives. Rowena has been working in the field of interior design for the past 9 years. She was born in Montreal, Canada and has received a B.I.D. (Bachelor of Interior Design) from Ryerson University, Toronto. After her working in Toronto and Montreal she then moved to Hong Kong to further her career in 2006 and has designed projects across Hong Kong and the Asia Pacific. Rowena is also a LEED AP (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional) with a specialization in Interior Design. Liquid Interiors is known for creating innovative and memorable green environments connecting objects, space, ideas, personalities and lifestyle. To assure quality in each office, boutique, restaurant and home, Liquid uses LEED design strategies so clients can benefit from improved air quality, energy & water savings, marketing value and responsible design.
Sleep soundly, Sleep green
April 29, 2014

If you are lucky enough to live into your 90s you will have spent about 30 years of your life asleep. Mattresses are a big part of your life & your home.  Choosing an Eco Mattress can help improve your home environment & your overall environmental impact.
Firstly what is an Eco Mattress?
It is mattress which has lower impact on the environment in terms of energy used to produce & transport, materials used & what will become of it when it is thrown away.   Eco Mattresses are also usually better for your health as less synthetic materials are used & there is less potential for the release VOC s(Volatile Organic Compounds).  
Now choose wisely – which among the options?
Natural Latex:  Rubber trees supply the rubber sap which is then turned to rubber foam.   You can’t get better than the original, natural source of latex.   This...

Clean design with clean water
March 12, 2014

Fresh clean drinking water in Asia all too often comes out of a bottle, rather than a tap. Tap water is often shunned for fear of chemicals or sediments from polluted water supplies.   Even if the main water supply is up to standard, old or poorly maintained pipes in buildings may bring nasty and dangerous chemicals into water.  In the USA some of the most common contaminates include lead, benzene, chromium and other scary carcinogens. 

Having a water filter installed in your business or home can cut out these contaminates as well as the need for bottles.    Fewer bottles means less energy and expense getting the water to you.   No empty plastic bottles after.   Even with recycling, no bottle to begin with is still better.
So does installing a water filter seems like a good idea?   Nobody wants some huge, ugly set of pipes and filter tubes reminiscent of a science lab.    Some of today...

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