Ecovision Asia

Ecovision Asia is a 14-year established environmental events and education organization based in Hong Kong. We work with companies, schools, NGOs and government to develop educational programs, public awareness campaigns and events that support environmental responsibility and sustainable development. In 2012, Ecovision Asia launched a sister company,, to provide Asia-Pacific consumers with news and entertainment focused on smart, sustainable lifestyle choices.

Our mission is to inspire and educate everyday citizens about the importance of individual, community and corporate action. We are committed to contributing to a world that works, upheld by the three legs of sustainability: environment, economy and community.

We create and produce sustainable events and educational campaigns to engage and empower participants about current and relevant environmental issues. The annual Hong Kong Cleanup is our most well-known and loved event, now in its 14th year and having engaged over 140,000 participants to date.

Our team consists of passionate yet pragmatic environmentalists who think in solutions, with experienced backgrounds in event management, education, media and marketing. We are committed to being the change we wish to see in the world, by making sustainable business and lifestyle choices and participating in activities that support people and the planet.


Our partners have included Air Canada, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Blackberry, Clarins, CLSA, Cyberport, Kerry Holdings, Hopewell Holdings, Hyder, Maersk, Nomura, Nike, Ocean Park, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Patagonia, Prudential, and State Street, among others.

Level 2, 6 On Wo Lane,
Central, Hong Kong

T: +852 2868 5585
F: +852 2868 5583