Ecomedia Letter: l

Land Reclamation

The reclaiming of land from the sea. The environmental impact of this is felt in marine habitat destruction, disturbance and disruption of the natural flow of ocean water and waves.


The disposal of waste by burying it. Landfills range from very informal to carefully planned, lined, drained, ventilated and managed sites. Landfills can contaminate the surrounding soil and water. Some landfills can be capped and the gas from the decomposing rubbish can be collected and used as an energy source.


The way in which we wash our clothes impacts the environment through energy use and pollution into water. Try to use detergent that is biodegradable, low in phosphates, or try laundry balls. Dryers suck up a lot of energy so where space and weather allows, air dry.


Light Emitting Diode. These little lights have long been used as pilot lights on TVs and computers. The technology has developed so they can be made in bulbs that fit our everyday light fixtures and consume very little energy in comparison to traditional light bulbs. Light up your life with LEDs!


Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, which is a green building certification system.

Life-Cycle Analysis

A way of looking at everything and every process that goes into and comes out of producing a product. It aims to look at the total impact of a product on the environment.

Light Pollution

When light causes an environmental nuisance, disruption or danger to people or wildlife.


Very hardwearing floor covering made from renewable materials. It can be made from materials such as cork, linseed oil, wood flour and pine resin.


Lifestyle Of Health And Sustainability, which refers to an identifiable demographic of people. These people are characterized by having healthy living, environmentally sustainability, fair trade and natural living as priorities in their lives and their purchasing.

Long Line Fishing

A commercial fishing method where long fishing lines (up to 100 kilometers long) with hundreds or thousands of tiny hooks are let trail behind the boat. They are very efficient for the fishermen; however, many of their target species such as tuna, sea bass and swordfish are in danger of being overfished. By catch (organisms that are not the target species of fishing) is a huge problem with many species of fish, sea turtles, dolphins and whales also becoming caught or tangled. Sea birds such as the Albatross are also under major threat from long line fishing.

Low Flow

Plumbing fixtures that reduce the rate of water output. There are many simple and easy to install lowflow fixtures for showers, taps and toilets, reducing the amount of water used by up to 50%. So go with flow, the lowflow!

Low-Emission Vehicle

A classification of vehicle which emits less pollutants than other vehicles on the market.

Low-Emissivity Window

The E (Emissivity) value of a window is how good the window is at stopping heat transfer through it. The windows usually have a coating on the glass to make them less conductive. They are more expensive than regular windows, but will reduce the need to heat or cool the building.


Liquefied Petroleum Gas. It is a form of natural gas and is a mix of different hydrocarbons that together liquefy when compressed. It can be used as a refrigerant and as a propellant in aerosol cans, as it does not damage the ozone. It can be used instead of petrol when the vehicle is converted for LPG use. When burned, it releases less carbon dioxide than other fuels and burns more completely.


Is a type of fiber made from wood pulp cellulose that has properties similar to rayon.

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