Ecomedia Letter: v


Not eating meat or any product based from animals including eggs and dairy products. Going vegan will help the environment as meat takes more water, energy and resources to produce than most vegan food. It will also make you very aware of how much animal products are in our daily products.

Vegetable Based Ink

Ink produced with soy, corn or other plant-based ingredients. These inks are less harmful to the environment as they contain much less volatile organic compounds than regular ink. However not all hues and colors can be produced by vegetable based ink, so investigate your options the next time you send something to the printer.


Not eating meat. Going meat-free for a day or every day will help the environment as meat takes more water, energy and resources to produce than most vegetarian food.


Also called vermiculture. A form of composting where specially chosen varieties of worms are used to quickly breakdown food waste (excluding meat). The system, if run properly, will be odorless and produce rich compost.


Products that have been owned before and are sold again, often clothing.

Virus & Disease

The spread of viruses and diseases is greatly influenced by how we interact with the environment. AIDS and SARS were believed to have transferred from animals to people by consuming wildlife as food. Water pollution and lack of sanitation keep easily preventable diseases being a constant problem in third world countries. Global warming also means that tropical mosquito-borne diseases such as dengue fever may spread in range to more people.

Volatile Organic Compound (VOC)

These are common in a huge array of everyday products such as paints, inks, plastics, resins, home furnishings and craft materials. They are solids or liquids that release potentially harmful gases over time. They can also build up indoors so let your home or workplace air out regularly and read labels on what you buy.


Mountains that rumble affect us and the environment greatly. They release gases, spew ash and lava and can set off disasters. Volcanoes also have very fertile soils surrounding them, which make them prime areas for growing crops such as coffee. Erupting volcanoes may seem cool to watch but economic conditions force many people to live in danger zones right next to them.


Tourist and travelers who use all or part of their holiday to volunteer. It's a great way to see a new place, get involved in something that will help the local area and meet people! There is a huge range of projects and locations, many of which help the environment.


If you have the power to vote, then you have the power to affect some sort of change, so don't let your vote go to waste and make sure you let your opinions be heard.

Vote With Your Dollar

Every time we spend money, we support the organization or business behind that transaction, so think and find out about the operating practices and where and how products are sourced, because when you buy, you're essentially furthering those practices. Also see Fair Trade.

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