Frey wines

Frey wines

9 August, 2012
Sulfite free and more
Organic and biodynamic wine at America’s first organic winery

Based in California, Frey Vineyards has been producing organic wine without sulfites for 30 years. As a family-owned and operated business, the third generation of owners has stayed true to tradition by avoiding any use of pesticides and fertilizers. From composting and green manuring (planting crops alongside grapes to avoid soil erosion and to fix nitrogen into soils), to using biological control techniques to combat unwanted insects, organic practice is found in every step of the grape growing. By integrating biodynamic farming techniques such as introducing cows, goats and sheep that graze in between vineyard rows, holistic land management is also employed on the vineyard. Frey Vineyards even currently gets half of its energy needs from the sun through solar panels. Knowing just a little bit about the great things Frey Vineyards does, how can one not be tempted to try their organic wines!
For those with a sweet tooth, the Organic Dessertage Port 2002 is a must-try… but it is only available via Frey Wines’ website. A classic port wine that is rich and sweet, the wine was produced from organic Zinfandel grape juice harvested in 2002 and fortified with certified organic brandy and aged in oak barrels. Aged with French oak, the 2010 Organic Zinfandel is aromatic with plums and roses, filled with fresh cherry flavours and gives a long, smooth finish. If you’re looking for a wine to go with salads, chicken or fish, the 2010 Organic Pinot Noir is a great option with its black cherry flavour and spicy, herbal finish. The 2009 Organic Merlot is perfect for pairing with spicy dishes with its deep and complex pear and blackberry flavours and earthy finish. Our final pick is the 2009 Biodynamic Cabernet Sauvignon, which was fermented with wild yeasts and is a full-bodied wine with a long, lingering finish and hints of blueberry and caramel. This wine compliments well with cheese, chocolate and grilled meats and is a definite choice to finish off a meal with.
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By: Ecozine Staff


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