Organic farming

Organic farming

3 October, 2012
Hotels join movement
Regal Hotels go organic in Hong Kong

Hong Kong residents and visitors rejoice! The number of establishments offering organic foods has just increased with Regal Hotels setting up organic farms at five of their hotels in Hong Kong. As part of Regal Hotels’ environmentally responsible Management Focus, the “We Love Our Planet” green initiative aims to engage guests, associates and their families in the sustainability process, as well as maintaining transparency through the EarthCheck Certification programme.

“We are proud to offer such a unique experience for our guests by providing fresh, organic herbs for our restaurants,” said John Girard, the Area General Manager (Hong Kong). “Our gardens are run on organic principles and we are attempting full organic certification. Not only is it a great conversation piece for diners, but also eco-conscious and efficient, and helps reduce our carbon footprint.”

The garden areas occupy a total of 368 sq. feet, and are being used to grow organic herbs and vegetables.

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By: Ecozine Staff


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