Sustainable oceans

Sustainable oceans

7 November, 2012
Friendly seafood options
Educational theme park Ocean Park adjusts menus to only offer sustainable seafood

Hong Kong is a huge consumer of seafood, so it comes as no surprise that companies are now looking towards sustainable options that provide consumers with what they want without compromising the health of our oceans.

Since September of this year, local educational theme park Ocean Park has modified menus in all restaurants and the bakery on its premises to use only sustainable sourced seafood – the first theme park in Asia to do so. Ocean Park, being a huge advocate of conservation, drove the green dining experience through interdepartmental collaboration, with the aim of inspiring the community to help protect the marine ecosystem and ensure sustainable food supplies for future generations. Prior to this complete menu change, the restaurants used the WWF-Hong Kong produced ‘Sustainable Seafood Guide’ as a frame of reference for what types of seafood would be appropriate for their dishes.

In addition to the green dining experience, Ocean Park believes that public education programs are monumental in informing guests and the general public about the threats to marine resources. In the past year, the Ocean Park Conservation Foundation, Hong Kong (OPCFHK) initiated five sustainable seafood pledge campaigns at the Park’s Grand Aquarium, engaging over 42,000 guests to pledge not to consume shark (fins), blue fin tuna and Napoleon wrasse, three iconic endangered species.

Moreover, Ocean Park was the first theme park in Hong Kong to ban shark’s fin soup in 1995 (by taking it off the menu in its restaurants and staff dining facilities), and began to offer sustainable seafood dishes in 2009.

For guests wanting to learn more about sustainable seafood, Ocean Park’s Education Department will set up a booth during November and December every Saturday and Sunday (including public holidays) at Neptune’s Restaurant. At the booth, guests will be asked to identify sustainable seafood menus, and will be given appropriate souvenirs.

The Ocean Park Academy, Hong Kong (OPAHK) also offers educational activities for secondary school students, and also runs a yearly summer school program for students aged 8 to 15 that focuses on the status of seafood items we often consume, and the benefits of consuming sustainably-sourced seafood.

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By: Esther Wong


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