The Herbivores

The Herbivores

24 May, 2013
Go meat-free!
Fusion vegetarian in the heart of Soho HK

In the carnivorous array of steak houses, seafood restaurants and fast food shops in the busy Soho district of Hong Kong, The Herbivores sticks out-in a good way!  The eatery has also been partnering with local food charity Table for Two where a portion of the proceeds from selected dishes have been donated as well as Green Monday, featuring a vegetarian tea set.
We started off with a Raw Beetroot Hummus, HKD 68.  The beautiful red colour of the beetroot can spice up anyone’s appetite and with the warm chewy pita wedges and carrot sticks the hummus is served with, we just couldn’t stop and cleaned off the dish in no time!  There are a number of pasta dishes at The Herbivores with a fusion touch.  The Pumpkin Carbonara, HKD 138, is filled with fresh mushrooms and asparagus.  At first we thought that it was actually carbonara because it tasted so rich and creamy.  But chef Wendy Leung confirmed that there’s no cheese in the dish, just pumpkin.  Pretty cool trick on the taste buds but strange that there was no pumpkin taste in the dish at all!  With puff pastries being one of Wendy’s fortes and whose also a vegetarian, the Sunny Patio, HKD 178, is a delightful dish that has a sunny-side up egg placed on a buttery square puff pastry and decorated with asparagus and eggplant.  This is a great choice for brunch and is the perfect way to cheer up any day!
With about 15 seats in total, The Herbivores is a great place to grab a quick lunch or to chill with friends; there’s also free wi-fi.  We love the communal feeling of the long wooden table.  If you want a cozier space, there’s a small table tugged under the wall of menus boards.  That’s the other thing-the menu items are all written on blackboards-great way to conserve paper!  Plus, items with no garlic and onion as well as no eggs and dairy are specially marked for easy reference. 
Happy eating at The Herbivores!
The Herbivores is located at 35 Staunton Street, Central, Hong Kong. 
Tel: 852-2613-2909

By: Ecozine Staff


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