Trains that sustain

Trains that sustain

26 June, 2012
Green city transit
Profiling MTR Corporation from an eco standpoint

MTR Corporation is world-renowned for building and managing the highly efficient mass transit railway (mtr) system in Hong Kong. In addition to providing rail services, the company has widely retained development and ownership of commercial and residential properties along the railway network, enabling transit-oriented developments close to mass transit stations. More recently, MTR has also been moving beyond Hong Kong to implement public transport systems in fast-growing cities in Mainland China such as Shenzhen and Beijing.
2010 is the 11th year that MTR is reporting on its sustainable development measures to its stakeholders and the public. Since 2008, the company has also reported under the Global Reporting Initiative’s G3 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines with an A+ level of application. The Sustainable Competitive Advantage model is the framework used to guide the company’s business case for sustainable development. Strategies used are: sustainable cost advantage through risk management, competitor differentiation through stakeholder engagement and corporate strategy through MTR’s Corporate Diamond process which focuses on strategy, people, community and process. Within this framework and its processes, sustainability issues, related stakeholders and key performance indicators are quantified.
In terms of environmental considerations, MTR’s operations are governed by ISO 14001 certification and the company was fully compliant in all categories in 2008. A climate change policy was established in 2006 to identify and respond to climate risks such as pandemic outbreaks, increased electricity cost, and increased infrastructure deterioration. To lower its carbon footprint, a lifecycle approach is taken from the early stages of design and planning of projects.
MTR Corporation has been a leader in promoting climate change initiatives within the transport industry, as observed by the company’s involvement in a number of initiatives. It was the chair of the International Association of Public Transport’s Sustainable Development Commission in 2008 during which KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for the sector-wide UITP (International Association of Public Transport) Greenhouse Gas Policy were defined. MTR has been in discussions with the Clinton Climate Change Initiative to optimize energy usage in MTR stations through retrofits. The corporation was also appointed to the Chair of the Best Practice Committee for the Climate Change Business Forum in Hong Kong.
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