Whole Body Healthy

Whole Body Healthy

29 December, 2016
Pure Group Wellness
Fit In Winter

When warm weather approaches, we sweat, stretch and diet in pursuit of that ‘summer bod’. But remember, summer bodies are made in winter! Lasting results come from a combination of exercising, eating right, and treating yourself with care.

We asked three healthy living gurus from Pure Group to share their top tips and perspectives.

Guest Expert: Brad Wharakura, Group Fitness Manager, Pure Fitness


Get your body moving, any which way you can. Lift, dance, cycle, hike, play, bend – the more you move, the better you get at it. Explore what your body can do, and be patient with the things it can’t. We can train our bodies to improve, so invest time in your most valuable asset. Look to join others in the same pursuits to hold each other accountable and for motivation. Get outside, too – into the sun and water. Not only will you top up on Vitamin D, your body will be more attuned with the season.


Social interactions are key to staying grounded and inspired. Spend time with the people who share your passions, and foster those bonds that challenge you to do better. We are a reflection of the people we surround ourselves with, so choose wisely and remember to have some fun along the way. Ultimately, if you stay true to yourself and your own uniqueness – your tribe will come to you.


The art of chilling is about doing nothing and not being bored. It’s about being okay with not having an itinerary or “to-do list” for a couple hours a week. Making time to just exist and reflect can help us refocus on what really matters. Consider going offline during this time to minimise the noise and excess stimulation we have become so accustomed to. Sitting in silence isn’t as easy as it sounds, but give it a try and observe what your body experiences and where your mind wants to go.


Our bodies undergo repairs during sleep, and better quality sleep ensures adequate recovery. With longer days during the summer months, it’s easy find yourself awake for longer, but making a ritual of your preparations for bed will help it become routine. Brush your teeth earlier so you are ready to tuck in as soon as you feel yourself nodding off. If your mind tends to race when your head hits the pillow, just remember everything else can wait – there is nothing that can be done until the morning. You are safe and sheltered, and that’s all that matters. Sweet dreams.

Guest Expert: Martina Lee, Senior Yoga Instructor & Country Managing Teacher, Pure Yoga


Go outdoors and connect to the vibrant energy of the Earth, in the woods, in the sea. Enliven your senses with nature: look at the shades of green in the mountain, smell the fragrance of the trees and flowers, float in the ocean and let the sea water rejuvenate you, enjoy the coolness of a breeze or the freshness after a summer rain. At times when you cannot go outdoors and be in nature, try using citrus essential oil to brighten your day.


Have a reusable water bottle with you always, and sip constantly throughout the day. Drinking enough water is essential all year long but it is even more important during the summer months. Water helps regulate our system to maintain a good energy flow, get rid of toxins, nourish our skin and help our brain tissues stay healthy. Dehydration tends to make us feel tired and depleted. Drinking quality water boosts energy and gives a sense of well being from the inside out. Bonus: Squeeze half of a lemon/lime into a glass of water for extra zing!


Nothing beats a good yoga practice when you feel stagnant and dull. Yoga resets the body to its optimal state by bringing balance to the body and mind. Pay attention to the quality of your breath and movement, and above all enjoy the practice itself and savor each moment on the mat. Yoga practiced in a mindful manner shifts our sense of self and experience of life.


Keeping good body posture is a great way to bring lightness and brightness from within. If you stand tall, draw the shoulders back, and lengthen the spine, it is almost impossible to feel dull. Bring good postures to every moment, in how you stand, how you sit... and it will alter your experience of being well, from within.

Guest Expert: Moises Mehl, Raw Food Chef, nood food


Meals should be frequent, to avoid being ravenous and then making poor food choices when temptation strikes and you are at your most vulnerable. Start to be aware of the effects different foods have on your energy and mood. After a while, we can appreciate what works for us on a daily basis. Sure sugary foods, for example, may give us an instant energy kick and elevated mood – but this is short lived, and the after-effects of lethargy soon outweigh the initial upswing. Eating whole and unprocessed foods is always the best place to start.


Eating more greens will help your body balance its pH level, which in turn will help increase your metabolism and have your blood and lymph systems working at their best. It can also help keep your body fit and slim, because green veg has loads of dietary fiber that will make you feel full with fewer calories and absorb other nutrients like starch more efficiently. Eating too much meat or drinking sugary sodas or alcohol can really spike the acidic level in the body. This overworks your heart, liver, spleen and kidney in trying to purify the blood. When these essential organs are overworked, it can lead to kidney and liver trouble, gall bladder infection, high blood pressure, heart disease, asthma and allergies. Leafy greens like kale, lettuce, rocket leaves and spinach can help prevent these problems.


For busy people living in a fast-paced city like Hong Kong, it can be difficult to eat healthy or exercise all the time. Cleansing regularly to remove toxins and heavy metals from the body is a great way to jump-start your health and help get you in the mindset to eat healthier and exercise more often. Although doing a cleanse can help improve your skin and aid in weight loss, its main purpose is to make you feel lighter, more energetic and less lethargic. How often you do a cleanse is a personal preference, but a three to six day juice cleanse every other month will help maintain a healthy body condition.


When a person is dealing with stress, long hours of work, lack of sleep and unbalanced diet, the body produces more stress hormones. This process causes adrenal fatigue, and to compensate this imbalance, many people rely on coffee, sugar and other similar stimulants to get through the day. Adaptogens found in superfoods such as maca powder, cordyceps and goji berries actually support and regulate adrenal glands to function more effectively, allowing cells to access more energy from your body. So, instead of drinking coffee, which puts further stress on your adrenals, having a smoothie or a cold-pressed juice containing these adaptogenic superfoods is just treating your body better, especially in the long term.

By: Ecozine Staff


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