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Healthy is a lifestyle: tips on how to make it easily work for you!

- And try my multi-functional post-workout shake
September 19, 2013

On any average day, I consider my lifestyle “healthy”, but recently I stepped things-up a notch in preparation for my “best ever health” for my wedding day on 29th Nov this year! Eeek!
However, I run two businesses, I usually have writing deadlines to meet, a wedding to plan and, just to add the coconut-sugar icing to the cake, I also have a 6 month old puppy with more energy than the energizer bunny (boy has he been good training for when the kids arrive). This doesn't leave much time for, well, me!
I went through a period when trying to get my businesses off the ground - and to some extent I’m still in this process, - where there truly wasn’t much time for me and I began to feel less like “me” every day. You see “happy Mia” loves to be out in nature, she likes to spend time in the yoga studio (teaching or practicing), or even just catching-up with friends over an organic coffee or smoothie. And, no, I can not do wheel pose and email at the same time - as you see - impossible!
So when none of the above was happening and I was more like a prisoner of my own Mac-book prison sentence, I decided to take a step back and re-evaluate. Being healthy is about balance and incorporating healthy habits into every aspect of your day, from the lunch you choose to eat to how you spend your downtime. I decided that to have a sustainably “healthy and happy Mia”, I simply had to carve out my week and set some boundaries for myself, so that I can continue to take over the world but at the same time keep on track with my healthy lifestyle.
Here are my top tips on how this theory can work for you. I’ll be honest, I’m still work in progress but then if I had it all worked out life would be boring anyway!
My upcoming online healthy cooking and living course will be out on the 01 October and contains heaps of tips like these, as well as recipes, entertaining videos, healthy advice and much more. To find out more see here.

1. Make a plan and set alarms – my mantra is “failing to plan is planning to fail.” If you seriously want to make a change to your routine, you need a plan. For me, I make a weekly plan on a Sunday night of when I will fit in the things I love (walks, yoga, training, meeting friends) and it goes right in the diary. Obviously, I work in-between but at least if I these set goals early on it’s more likely to happen. I also have set days when I just work all day and others for meetings; my Fridays are set for things that require me to be away from the desk like work-related meetings and even getting my hair cut. This way, I save time on things like travel and messing around in-between meetings. Because I am training hard I also need to eat every 3-4 hours - the only way I remember to do this is to set alarms. Seriously, I have about 6 alarms on my iPhone which tell me “lunchtime”, “post workout shake” etc – and it works! I am planning to not fail!
2.  Swap your coffee meet-up for an activity meet-up – why do we always meet and chat over coffee? How about we jazz life up and go for a walk in the park and talk instead? Maybe going outdoors is not always practical, but consider your options next time you book a meeting. If it’s an important meeting why not make it more fun and take it to the driving range, to the park or even for a smoothie instead of a coffee? I bet your meeting will be more memorable as well as healthier.
3. Swap faddy diets, keep it REAL – if my diet is simple, my life is simple and feels easy. My rule is JUST EAT REAL FOOD. It’s also time saving to try and plan your meals for the week (in the serious work-out world they call this “meal-prepping”, I call it a sensible plan) and make some of your meals muliti-functional – the smoothie recipe below is a great example because it is hydrating, filling and nourishing. I have made my post-workout shake multi-functional by adding heaps of liquid, superfoods, protein as well as throwing in my supplements, such as my B vitamins! Try my recipe below  - it can be eaten and drunk anytime of day and is super quick to make!
4. Get to bed before 11pm – sleep is crucial for good health. Without enough sleep the brain gets foggy and confused, and your body cannot recover and repair. Again, maybe set an alarm at 10.30pm to say, ”Hey, get ready for bed” - it has so far helped me, even if not always practical. I used to go to bed at around 12.30am, even on a “school night”, I was not getting enough sleep and wondered why my health was not optimal. Nowadays, an earlier night is part of the healthy lifestyle I lead.
5.  Pen in date night – so after spending all this time working on changing my routine, it was time to consider how I can nourish my relationship with my lovely fiancé. When we first started dating, we both worked in law and penning in date night was a must to make sure we got some quality time together.  4 years + down the line and this got lost on the way. So we brought it back! Ok, so some weeks date night is Lebanese take-away on the couch with our puppy after a long week, but sometimes we do fun stuff like go to concerts. I think just the intention of doing something different together keeps things fun. So, yes, this is an important part of our healthy lifestyle. Friday night is always “date night”, in or out. If you're single, make it date night with a friend :0)
6.  Take a day OFF – this is one I’m not so good at, but I try and the intention is there. By “off”, I mean no email, no work calls, no nothing to do with work…. this should be easy, but it never is.  I do think we would all benefit from taking this it more seriously, just one day a week at least! I aim for Sundays - family day, no excuses.
7.  Be PRESENT – when I worked in law, I had a Blackberry and an iPhone – WTF was I thinking?! I was ALWAYS contactable and boy did my adrenals know it. These days I have a rule, when I am out of the house and away from my desk, I cannot answer emails. Aside from this helping with issues such as walking into lamp-posts while I walk, talk and write an email (this is taking multi-tasking to extreme limits), it also helps me to be present with whomever I am with at the time. Ever sat down to dinner with a friend and notice they spend only 20 % of their time  actually with you because the other 80% they’re on their phone and email! What is wrong with us!? I set my out of office so that everyone knows I can not get to your email whilst I walk, talk and be present with my friends, you can call me if it is urgent or else I will get back to you when I return. Guess what, hardly anyone calls -  turns out there aren’t that many “urgencies” I simply must deal with on the spot.
Keep things gracious & green,

Chef Mia Moore (almost Man!)
RECIPE: 2 scoops Sunwarrior vanilla plant-based protein powder + 2 TBS spirulina manna powder (amino acids galore) + 1 scoop Green's green powder  (or fresh greens if you have) + 1TBS organic coconut oil +  2 cups water + 2 open capsules of Complex-B supplements (avoids taking the tablets)  + 1/2 frozen banana + 2 cups water  - BLEND and enjoy!
(I have suggested brands, however, there are other brands I use, this is just e.g.)
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